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Engram Posters Designed by Ryan Artell

on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 18:29

Ryan Artell is the real deal. A true talent with a unique style all of his own (bio follows). He has been kind enough to lend his visionary design aesthetic to Engram and I think the results speak for themselves. For me, seeing the final poster design was love at first sight.

I first encountered Ryan and his artwork a few years back after we met at a New Year’s Eve party in Vermont. His style seemed a natural fit for Engram and so, after some delay for fear of rejection, I asked if he would be interested in creating the posters for this project. Much to my delight he agreed and over the past few months he has set to work creating something so visually stunning that it really raises the bar for Engram.

Ryan created six poster designs overall and I will be sharing them with you over the next few months. I hope that you enjoy them. They are a glimpse into the world of Engram.

Welcome to the post-Future.

You can view more of Ryan’s work at

Ryan Artell is a Brooklyn based Designer. He is trained in Graphic Design and has mainly focused on Print until recently, but because of technology he has made the jump to web and interactive work. All things are related to his endeavors as a Designer, a true all rounder, whether it's a website or an object nothing is too challenging to design. Taking influences from the universe, infinity, mid-century furniture/design, politics. Graphic Design is his passion; but that doesn't stop him from creating the occasional piece of furniture or deconstructing some sort of electronic device. A problem solver in the truest sense. If not behind the glow of his monitor, you can see him out spinning epic beats and throwing shapes as a DJ around New York City. He calls himself the rouleur of design.